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Access Management
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Business Security Solutions' access management secures your company’s buildings, car parks and grounds effectively against unauthorized access. MTZ Access defines access rights in terms of areas and times. Creating access groups makes the configuration easier. You can, however, also define individual access rights for each and every employee. In addition, you can freely combine and apply PIN codes, threat codes, biometrics, repeated access blocking, area changeover control and dual control functionalities.

With MTZ Visitor, you can assign access rights to your company’s visitors. The non-contact reader technology guarantees straightforward use and administration. If a card is lost, it can be blocked at any time, without extra costs arising or your company’s security being jeopardized.

The MTZ Milock Locking System connects offline door terminals with the MTZ Access control system. A card’s validity is updated when a booking is made on a reader in the network. The reader writes the authorizations for a pre-defined period of time to the card so that access rights are permitted on all specified offline door terminals.

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