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MTZ Visitor


In order to allow visitors to move freely within specific boundaries that have been set, all visitors receive a card that gives them access to certain rooms. However, this access is only granted for the duration of their visit. Employees who are expecting a visitor can pre-register their visitor, providing important information such as the name of the visitor and the length of their visit. In this way, the reception desk has all the essential information ready when the visitor arrives. The software can be used to check whether the contact person is present (MTZ Time). The access authorization automatically expires when the duration of the visit is over. 

Porters Module
With MTZ® Visitor, porters have a visitor management, registration and access overview tool at their disposal and they need not concern themselves with system configuration and access management. These functions are created by security staff in MTZ Access.

Facts & Figures:

  • Management of access rights for visitors

  • Porters Module

  • Pre-registration

  • Optional passport photo

  • Automatic blocking periods

  • Data is archived

  • Checking of presence of contact persons


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