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Building Security Management


MTZ Building Security Management is a visualized surveillance and management tool for access and hazard detection systems, as well as CCTV. MTZ Building Security Management uses building floor plans to clearly display and manage the position and statuses of detectors, access readers and doors. Animated icons provide information on status changes (door open/door closed) and the status (idle/alarm) of the individual detectors. Doors and gates (door opening) can also be controlled using MTZ Building Security Management.

Everything under control
In order to support the initial operation and migration, all the parameterized functions and actions can be checked in a test mode. When an alarm sounds, alarm and action texts are displayed and the triggering detector is automatically positioned on a map. All events are recorded and can be replayed for the purpose of a later offline analysis. This ensures a precise reconstruction of events.

Everything in view with video
Access zones, areas and grounds can be additionally monitored using various video systems. Event-driven activation of cameras is as much an integrated part of MTZ Building Security Management as live transmission and the retrieval of stored images.

Facts & Figures:

  • Control panel for building security
  • Display of rooms, areas, floors
  • Controlling of doors and barriers
  • Animated display of states
  • Display of alarm and action texts
  • Test mode for initial operation and migration
  • Detailed replay possibilities of events for later offline analysis
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