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Organizations rely on their voice communications so companies have been reluctant to take any big chances on their PBX, preferring reliability over innovation - and who can blame them. However, now a new breed of telephone systems and communication servers, coupled with advances in Internet services have allowed organizations to break free of the traditional constraints of office telephony.
Now, where your data network goes, your telephone network goes - even if that is a cafe next to a client's office or your hotel room on a business trip.
Converged communications... This is a phrase that has long been more hype than substance. Well, at last it actually means something now. 

It means that today, you can
• dramatically reduce costs of telephony infrastructure
• get big productivity gains and enable new more effective ways of working together
• raise morale and loyalty among staff

NetWorld professional team can bring these benefits to your company right now.

Our telephony solutions built on the best-of-breed technologies from the established market leaders. By delivering powerful, flexible communications solutions and structured cable system, we can improve the way you do business in a way your users will really appreciate.


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