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Structured Cable System

If you are thinking about getting structured cabling job commissioned in the premises of your company, there a few things you must bear in mind. There are several organizations across Qatar that undertake this type of job, but only a few deliver the quality of service desired by a reputed firm. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to understand the details of such a task, in order to ensure that you get the best network cabling system in your company. There are a few steps and hardware details involved in this type of job, but all of it is easy to understand if given a little thought.

Structured cabling infrastructure caters to your organization's requirements of telephone systems, computer LAN, video systems and imaging systems, among many others. These premises distribution systems are able to fulfill the demands of multi-product as well as multi-vendor systems quite easily and have service life of at least 10 years. This infrastructure includes building spaces, communication cables of various categories (like CAT 6 Toronto cabling), support structures, communication ground & bonding system and cable pathways. A reputed firm engaged in commissioning cabling jobs provides services like installation, support and maintenance of the system.

Installation of a communication infrastructure using structured & networking cable is a task that actually involves setting up of various subsystems that operate independent of each other as a cohesive unit. NetWorld professional tean is engaged in this line of work and hold high quality expertise in setting up the following subsystems:

Work Area Subsystems
In this subsystem, horizontally placed cables terminate in the designated outlets. The telecom equipment is attached to the structured cabling setup in this area; the following can be found in such a work area:
• Adapters
• Computers, telephones, fax machines, data terminals
• Cat5e, CAT 6 Toronto cabling (copper patch cables), fiber patch cords (jumpers), modular cords, and adapter cables

Horizontal Subsystems
It refers to the networking cables that originate from requisite telecommunication closets, extends to work area and ends up at the telecommunication outlets. with NetWorld professional team; it can be composed of the items listed below:
• Cables, from the patch panel to the work area
• Telecommunication outlets
• Cable terminations
• Cross connections, if required

Backbone Subsystems
These are required for making a link between entrances, equipment rooms, telecommunication closets, cross-connecting cables, mechanical terminations and patch cables.

Telecommunication Rooms (TR)
Also called the Closet, this is the place where horizontal as well as backbone connections, which comprise networking cable, end up. LAN hubs, switches, routers, repeaters and other such networking equipment we can fix in this unit, since it is a dedicated space for installing cable termination hardware as well as communication machines.

Equipment Room (ER)
This is the area wherein special data & communication equipment are stored in a regulated environment, in order to keep these fragile components of the network safe at all times.

Entrance Facility (EF)
This is the place where external service providers, like telecom firms, fix their cables with the network cabling infrastructure you just got installed.

Our team proficiency led us to become the reliable company that supplies advanced communications and security products like Structured Cabling, Gauge wire, Wireless Security Camera, Networking Cable and Voice cabling.



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